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Skeleton Of New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Missouri

New Dinosaur Species Found In Missouri

•Scientists have discovered the bones of a new genus of dinosaurs in Missouri, which is a new genospecies never uncovered before.

• Paleontologist Guy Darrough discovered the juvenile skeleton of a Parrosaurus Missouriensis in the Show Me State.

• The specific location of the finding is being kept secret until the site can be secured.

• Remains of the duckbilled dinosaur, which is a staggering 25 to 30 feet long, have not been found anywhere else in the United States.

• When Darrough found the juvenile dinosaur skeleton, he had it transported to the Sainte Genevieve Museum Learning Center and then called Chicago’s Field Museum with the news.

• Not long after Makovicky and his team started digging in Missouri, they found an adult Parrosaurus Missouriensis right nexttojuvénile—making this one of the most unique sites for dinosaurs east of the Great Plains according to Makovicky who has dug up dinosaurs all over world.


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