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Jurassic World T Rex Toy

Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Photo

When someone mentions Dinosaurs, one of the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is the great T-Rex! With the popularity of Jurassic Park and now Jurassic World, the T-Rex has never been more popular so it makes sense that most kids want one in their house. So we took our resident experts (kids) and had them play with over 10 different Jurassic World T-Rex’s and give us feedback on their favorites. The jury is in and luckily for all of us and you, they’re all available by clicking on them below to take you right to Amazon to purchase them. It couldn’t get any easier! Let’s take a look below.

Our Favorite Jurassic Park Dinosaur Toy

Imaginext Jurassic World Dinosaur - T-Rex

This toy was the hands-down favorite for our little experts, the Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World, T-Rex Dinosaur. This toy was a smash (ha) hit. A huge part of this was due to its size. Did you notice how large it is compared to the child in the image? Wow!

Here are some of its features direct from the Amazon listing;

  • Kids control the Jurassic Rex with the handle on her back!
  • Push the dinosaur forward & she lunges with arms out & mouth open!
  • CHOMP! Press the trigger to close her mouth around her prey
  • Turn the Power Pad to launch the vehicle & send Owen racing into action!
  • Turn the Power Pad on the dinosaur’s head to see her eyes light-up green and dilated, or red and un-dilated with a glowing-red mouth!
  • Includes Jurassic Rex, holding base, projectile launcher, 2 projectiles, vehicle& Owen figure

And here are some photos of this amazing Dinosaur toy in action!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World, T-Rex Dinosaur

This T-Rex toy is huge and kids (and grown-ups) will absolutely love it! Look at it in scale when compared to the child playing with it. Something every kid who even remotely likes dinosaurs will love for sure!

To Get Yours Today Click Here To Get Your Jurassic World T-Rex for your little one(s) along with free shipping (for Amazon Prime Members).


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